Hack Online Games

I will show you How to Hack FLASH based Online games using Cheat Engine.
I'm using Cheat Engine 5.2, but you can Download Latest at http://cheatengine.org
here we go..

1. Open your any Online Flash Game in Firefox or IE Browser, I will hack DesktopTD 1.0 > http://www.handdrawngames.com/DesktopTD/Default.asp?cc=1

2. I hope u have now Opened ur flash game in Browser with no other Browsers window Opened. Now Open Cheat Engine.

3. In CE, click Open Process List & Select firefox.exe & click OK.- see Image

4. ooh, and One More thing I forgot to tell u, Open Calculator.
& now go in DesktopTD game & place some Weapons (Towers), then see how many GOLD you have left.
I placed a Pallet Tower (Cost 5 GOLD)
So now I have left with 75 GOLD.

5. So now I will Multiply 75 x 8 which = 600
(e.g. For example, you want to increase your health from 200 to a higher number. Just multiple 200 with 8 which equals to 1600. At CheatEngine, enter 1600 at the value and click on First Scan button. )

6. Now when a Searched I found 1607 values, but we want less.

7. Now Spend some more GOLD. I spent GOLD on "Squirt Tower" (Cost 15 GOLD). & now i have Left 60 GOLD in pocket.

8. Now in CE, Select Scan Type "Decreased Value" & click on NEXT SCAN > see Image -
9. & now i Found 38 , so Right click on them & click "Select All items" & click that RED arrow > see Image -
10. & now Double click on that 480 value & replace it by 80000, & now spent some Money & now u must have above 9900 GOLD.


You can also hack Online games like WarRock with "WPE pro 0.9"[ http://wpepro.net/ ]
1. Disable AV
2. Run WPE pro 0.9
3. Run WarRock
4. ALT + TAB out of game
5. in WPE pro 0.9 click "Target Program" > select warrock.exe
6. in WarRock go in Urban Ops, Hurt yourself. Now go near a Medic or Weapon Refile point > ALT+TAB > go in WPE pro 0.9 > click Black Triangle [RECORD] > record till 40 or 39 packets > STOP
7. in WPE pro 0.9 > Right click on that Packet > select "add to send list" & "Set send list with this socket id" simultaneously.
8. Click "Send" (near FILTERS)
9. Tick "New send" & click PLAY button
10. New window will POPUP > select "Continuously" & Timer: 100 & then click PLAY.
11. go in warrock & your ammo or Health will get refilled by time by time.


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