How to hack Facebook [Highly detailed Tutorial] - Updated methods

 Hello, everyone.
First of all Merry Christmas to all the readers,
Today, I will write yet another tutorial on how to hack Facebook
and dealing with a lot of problems along the way. This tutorial will be highly detailed with everything, including what you will need and all the thinking process necessary to successfully hack a Facebook account.

I will be covering:
1) Key loggers
2) Rats
3) Phishing (Well, not really.)
4) Social Engineering
5) How not to get traced

Why you shouldn't phish, keylog, SE on Facebook.

Well, I made a tutorial before this post about bypassing Facebook security and recently I began to think to myself that I should write this tutorial considering that even if you do eventually acquire the password and e-mail, you will still be stuck with the problem that I spoke about on my other posts regarding the situation of "Logging in from another Location"

I have noticed that when a lot of new members ask about how they can "hack" a Facebook account, most people suggest keylogging, rating, phishing, and even social engineering as the most notable methods.

Bypassing Facebook security

Ok, here's a new quick tutorial for everyone who has been having to deal with Facebook blocking your entrance into someone's account due to logging in from a different location.

Ever since I had been problems constantly having to deal with Facebook leaving me out off people's accounts I began to think that I should write over my experiences to help others.