Hacker HighSchool 13 Ebooks

                                                 Hacker HighSchool 13 Ebooks
                                         English | 2005 | 13 Ebooks | PDF | 4 MB

Teaching materials and back-end support for teachers of ... Herzog runs Hacker Highschool, a program to teach kids and teens security ... If you are interested in teaching the Hacker Highschool program to kids or ...

Lesson 1: Being A hacker
Lesson 2: Basic Commands in Linux And Windows
Lesson 3: Ports and Protocols
Lesson 4: Services And Connections
Lesson 5: system Identifications
Lesson 6: Malware
Lesson 7: Attack Analysis
Lesson 8: Digital Forensics
Lesson 9: E-mail Security
Lesson 10: Web Security And Privacy
Lesson 11: Passwords
Lesson 12: Internet Legalities And Ethics
The Hacker Highschool project is the development of license-free, security and privacy awareness


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