Hackers Types

Hackers are three types:-

1.    White hat hacker

2.    Gray hat hacker

3.    Black hat hacker

White Hat and Grey Hat Hacker & What is the Real Difference?

What is worse, the public is not able to understand terms like grey hat, white hat, Linux OS, or cracker.
However, the truth is that the subculture of the hacker world is more complex than we think. Especially if we consider that, these are very intelligent people.

Remote Hacking

Remote Hacking

In this tutorial you will learn how to hack a computer any where in the world. Ok well not anywhere obviously things like the military and the goverment will have very high security so you definately wont be able 2 hack them using this method. I hope not aniways =\.

VTC Ethical Hacking Video

VTC Ethical Hacking Video   


02.Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing

03.Methodology Overview

04.Reconnaissance (Footprinting)

Track Anyone Just By Sending Mail

Track Anyone Just By Sending Mail   

Well u wanna track ur victim or want to get his ip, location, browser settings, language or timings.... all u have to do is get his e-mail id...

Once u have it.

Go to

Create a Cookie Logger and Hack any Account::

Cookies stores all the necessary Information about one’s account , using this information you can hack anybody’s account and change his password. If you get the Cookies of the Victim you can Hack any account the Victim is Logged into i.e. you can hack Google, Yahoo, Orkut, Facebook, Flickr etc.

Hack Online Games

I will show you How to Hack FLASH based Online games using Cheat Engine.
I'm using Cheat Engine 5.2, but you can Download Latest at http://cheatengine.org
here we go..

1. Open your any Online Flash Game in Firefox or IE Browser, I will hack DesktopTD 1.0 > http://www.handdrawngames.com/DesktopTD/Default.asp?cc=1

2. I hope u have now Opened ur flash game in Browser with no other Browsers window Opened. Now Open Cheat Engine.

How To Update Facebook Status From Gmail

Facebook gadget for Gmail allows you to update your Facebook status right from your Gmail.

How To Shutdown A Computer With A Cell Phone/Email

In this tutorial, I am going to teach you how you can control your computer’s basic function using Microsoft Outlook and your Cell Phone Network. For this tutorial I am demonstrating how a user can shutdown, restart, hibernate their computer, just by sending an email from their phone.
To make this happen, all you need is Microsoft Outlook installed on the PC which you want to control from your cell phone
Now let’s begin with the tutorial.

How To Repair Detectable But Corrupt USB Drive

Have you suddenly encountered with the problem that when you plug in your USB drive, the Removable media shows up but when you try to open it, it returns with the message “Please insert a disk in to drive H:”.

If yes then you have been on right tutorial page.

Solution For LAN Connection Between Windows XP And Windows 7

Many of you might have the problem sharing files and folders between Windows XP and Windows 7 OS. This is not so long tutorial but you can solve it just changing some values in your windows settings. By default Windows XP sets your Workgroup as MSHOME. While windows 7 feature WORKGROUP as your default workgroup you can easily get rid of this problem.
To connect Windows 7 OS with Windows XP, change the workgroup name of either one of the OS. I recommend you changing the workgroup name of Windows XP from MSHOME to WORKGROUP.
To change Workgroup in Windows XP, right click on my computer and click on properties.

How To Add An Option To Print All The Contents Of A Folder In XP

Once in many times, you may need to print whole files of the specific folder. Well if you need often to printnumber of files or you run a press media company then I am going to teach you how to print all the items in specific folder.
We’ll be adding new right click option to print the folder. Whenever you right click on any folder, this printoption will be shown and whole folder files can be printed.
To do so you’ll need to create a batch file called Printdir.bat. Open Notepad and paste the following code:
@echo off
dir %1 /-p /o:gn > "%temp%\Listing"
start /w notepad /p "%temp%\Listing"
del "%temp%\Listing"
Save it as, “%windir%\printme.bat” (without the quotes).

How To Become The SYSTEM User In Windows XP

If you think Administrator has the largest privileges onto the computer, then you are wrong. There is a user who is named SYSTEM. SYSTEM has full control of the operating system and it’s kernel. If you open windows task manager (press ctrl+alt and delete) you will see that System User controls several processes. These processes cannot be closed by Administrator. In this tutorial we will see how to trick Windows into running our desktop as System. So we’ll get a much greater privileges over computer.

Best Alternative If Command Prompt Is Blocked

Most of the computers that have public access to people has Command Prompt blocked. This is for security reasons. Some time you  may want to view hidden files in the public computer using command prompt (in case Folder options settings is not available). Lack of Command Prompt will be great loss of if you want to hack in to the networking or the same pc.

Aiseesoft YouTube Downloader Pro v5.0

Aiseesoft YouTube Downloader Pro v5.0
Aiseesoft YouTube Downloader Pro v5.0

Aiseesoft YouTube Downloader Pro is the professional YouTube video downloader to download video from YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, and many others. The supported video sites can be up to 150. It also supports more protocols including http, rtsp, rtmp, mms and more threads for downloading task. Using as YouTube Video Converter, the downloaded video can be converted to any other formats like MP4, H.264, AVI, MPEG automatically for you to enjoy on iPod, iPhone, PSP, Cell Phone, Windows Media, etc. any where and any time.

How to make a phishing website- Know what hackers do

This Article Tells u what Hackers Do which is Known as Phishing, It is Completely Illegal never ever Try it.. This Article is meant for Educational Purpose !

This is how Bad Hackers make a fake login page(Completely Illegal) that will email you the name and password that is entered on that page.. To do this you will need some web language experiance.
First you will need to get a copy of the source code of the site. so go to the login page then click file > save as > and save the page as "html only" or right click and select "view source" then copy and past it to a notepad file on your desktop and save it as login.html. either way youl need a copy of the login.html on your desktop.
now you will need to make sure all of the images on the page are linking to a valid URL. what you need to do is look for links like

How To Steal Files From Other Computer

In today’s article I am going to teach you something illegal but only for educational propose. This only demonstrates how you can copy files from your friend’s PC as soon as you plug in your flash drive or any removable storage media.
I am going to teach you how you can do this from batch file with the help of autorun.inf file.
Let me tell you the basic things what will happen.

Make Your Mobile Phone a PC Remote to Control PC

Hey guys Today I will going to explain How to use your Mobile phone to control your PC from anywhere In the Home. Imagine walking home from work or college, and turning on your favorite music tracks straight from your phone as you walk in the room. So Guys here is the method...

Type “You are a fool” Continuously

Not much to explain, the title says it all! Follow the steps to make this trick work:
  • Open Notepad.
  • Paste the following code in the notepad file:

Slowly Type Messages

This one is my favorite. Completely harmless trick and perfect for playing pranks on one’s friends. This trick can really freak out anyone! Follow the below mentioned steps to perform this trick:

Toggle Keyboard Button Simultaneously

Using Notepad (and VB) you can set different keys on your keyboard to toggle continuously. Following are the 3 tricks using which different keys can be set to toggle simultaneously. Follow the steps given under each head to try out the tricks.

Constantly Repeat Messages

Using this notepad trick you can annoy anyone and can actually force them to log off or leave the computer (LOL….). This notepad trick will create an infinite cycle of a message in the computer. Follow the steps to know more:

Change The Header/Footer Of Your Notepad File

More often than not whenever you get a printout of your notepad file, it starts with “Untitled” or the filename at top, and “Page ” on bottom. Now if you want to get rid of it or want to change it, just follow the simple steps given below.
  • Open Notepad.
  • Click on File -> Page Setup.

  • Replace the text written in the “Header” and “Footer” box (as shown above) by any of the following codes:

Matrix Effect

Not much to explain, just follow the steps and see the amazing matrix effect happen in your DOS window:
  • Open Notepad.
  • Copy the below mentioned text in your notepad file:

Continually pop the CD Drive

  • Open Notepad.
  • Copy the code given below onto the notepad file:

Make A Personal Log-Book or A Diary

Did you know that you can also use Notepad as a simple digital diary or a personal Log-Book ? Well, if you didn’t then follow the below mentioned steps to make one for yourself !

World Trade Center Attack Trick

As you might be knowing that the flight number of the plane that had hit World Trade Center on that dreadful day (9/11) was Q33NY. Now call this trick a coincidence  or something else but whatever it is, it does startle us.

Bush Hid the Facts/This App Can Break

This is one of the most popular notepad tricks because of its mysterious nature. In order to get an idea as to what this trick does, just follow the steps given below:

The big list of Windows Vista keyboard shortcuts

General shortcuts
  • F1 - Display Help
  • CTRL+C - Copy the selected item
  • CTRL+X - Cut the selected item
  • CTRL+V - Paste the selected item
  • CTRL+Z - Undo an action
  • CTRL+Y - Redo an action
  • DELETE - Delete the selected item and move it to the Recycle Bin
  • SHIFT+DELETE - Delete the selected item without moving it to the Recycle Bin first
  • F2 - Rename the selected item
  • CTRL+RIGHT ARROW - Move the cursor to the beginning of the next word
  • CTRL+LEFT ARROW - Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous word
  • CTRL+DOWN ARROW - Move the cursor to the beginning of the next paragraph
  • CTRL+UP ARROW - Move the cursor to the beginning of the previous paragraph
  • CTRL+SHIFT with an arrow key - Select a block of text
  • SHIFT with any arrow key - Select more than one item in a window or on the desktop, or select text within a document

How to bring water damaged devices back to life

If you've accidentally water drowned/damaged your shiny new cell-phone, MP3 player or similar electronic device, don't stress....you're not alone.
In the India, those enterprising Brits manage to drop a staggering 850,000 phones down the toilet in 2009 and this number will have only grown since then.
Luckily in many cases a drowned gadget can be resuscitated back to life using several simple steps. Old wives tales and urban myths abound on how to dry and fix a sodden phone (e.g. packing phones in uncooked rice or baking it in an oven etc.), yet most of these will at best deliver mixed results or more seriously can potentially be dangerous. Here's a quick step by step guide to safely attempting to bring back a drowned phone or PDA.

Total Video Converter HD 3.61

Total Video Converter HD 3.61| genuine serials|

E.M. Total Video Converter is a total solution for video conversion which supports reading, playing lots of video and audio formats and converting them to popular video formats. E.M.Total Video Converter includes a powerful media conversion engine internally so that you can convert media files with very fast speed.

How to Unlock or Hack memory card when you forgot your memory card password.

Some times it happens that you forgot the password of your memory card and you have lots of your important data in your phone.
So there are two types of methods for recovering the password of your memory card with the help of nokia phone.

FIFA Live Scores Sites

The world is Goal for the next 30 days and for all those who have enthusiasm for FIFA World Cup, this post will serve their purpose. This article will provide you the list of the top sites that provides minute by minute update of the live matches. So here goes  the list:
Live ScoreSimple and sober, these are the words that best describe the website. If one just want every minute details, visit this site. Formed in 1988, the site is quite popular among football fans. And apart from football, this site also provide live scores of cricket, hockey and some other games.

Open CDROM with 1 click - Cool Computer Trick

Here is trick to open cdrom in 1 click. For this you have to make a file which when clicked open cdrom. So to make that file follow given steps:
1). Open notepad.
2). Copy given code as it is into it

Capslock Notification - screen flash and computer beeps

Here is trick for capslock notification, it make your screen flash and computer beeps everytime you press capslock button. It will let you know that capslock is on when you accidently hit it during typing. Its very simple just follow these steps:
For window vista
1). Go to control panel.
2). In control panel, click on ease of acesss centre.
3). Now click on make the keyboard easier to use.

4). Click on turn on toggle key and then clicksave.

5). Now again go to ease of acess window, then click on use text or visual alternative for sounds.

6). Here choose flash active window and then click save.
Its done.
For window XP
1). Go to control panel.
2). Open the Accessibility Options Icon.
3). On the Keyboard tab, click the Use Toggle Keys checkbox.
4). Click ok.
5) Go to Accessibility Options screen, click theSound tab and check the Use SoundSentrycheckbox.
6). Next click the Settings button and selectFlash active window from the Warning for windowed programs drop down box.
7). Click ok.
Its done.
Now whenever you press capslock, your screen will flash and produce beep.

Change Startup & Shutdown Sound

Do you get tired of listening same windows startup and shutdown sound?? If yes, then this trick is for you. By using this you can change default windows startup and shutdown sound and can use any of your favorite voice or music as your system's shutdown and start up. Here are steps for this.

Rename The Recycle Bin

Want to do something different? change name of recycle bin desktop icon it would amazed your friends. To do this follow these steps..
To edit the computer registry, first you should log onto your computer with administrative rights.

Remove the Recycle Bin from the Desktop

If you don't use the Recycle Bin to store deleted files , you can get rid of its desktop icon all together. Simply follow these steps..

To edit the computer registry, first you should log onto your computer with administrative rights.

How To Hack A Web Server Thru FTP Anonimity

Getting the Password File Through FTP

Ok well one of the easiest ways of getting superuser access is through
anonymous ftp access into a webpage. First you need learn a little about
the password file...

TomJones:p5Y(h0tiC:1229:20:Tom Jones,:/usr/people/tomjones:/bin/csh
BBob:EUyd5XAAtv2dA:1129:20:Billy Bob:/usr/people/bbob:/bin/csh

How To Hack Content Advisor Password

Content Advisor is a feature in Internet Explorer that allows supervisors to restrict the web sites that the users can browse. The supervisor can set a password in order to prevent from other users from changing the Content Advisor properties.

Easiest Example Of SQL Injection : Just For Beginners

As i worked a lot on SQL  Injection , n concluded that it is a vast technique or methodology or watever..Giving Rise to bore or hacticness....Thats y i m goin here to give a simple n breif overview of how to Intrude a Website With SQL INJECTION Attack.

Here is a sample basic HTML form with two inputs, login and password.

How To hack Flash Games : Awesome Trick

For any want-to-be Coder, hacking Flash Games is a good place to start.
Whether it be a Speedhack, or getting infinite life, it will probably be able to get you there.


You can easily view all locked photos and scraps on orkut by just adding Adds-On in your browser, to unlock Album and scraps of any orkut profile just do following steps. This is a sure way to get it.

Windows 7 GodMode Hack [Turtorial]

Windows 7 The New shiny product of Microsoft is just revealed and some windows guys have uncovered a new Hack in Windows 7 which the team at windows call is "GodMode"

The Hack is some kind of Glitch, What this does is bring you to an new settings page which got some good options in it to play with the windows.

Windows 7 GodMode Hack [Turtorial]

Obviously not the control panel settings, they contain some of the good one's in them like"Back up Your computer" and "Login Credentials" and stuff like that.