You can easily view all locked photos and scraps on orkut by just adding Adds-On in your browser, to unlock Album and scraps of any orkut profile just do following steps. This is a sure way to get it.

Step 1. You must download firefox browser, because it has the capability to keep Adds-on script. This is a free browser. You can download it from MOZILLA. This browser is more powerful than internet explorer browser. If you are already using firefox, it’s OK.
Step 2Download Greasemonkey . This is an adds-on for firefox browser. Install it for firefox. Close all firefox browser after installing. Open firefox browser, you will see a monkey figure at the bottom of browser. Insure it is glowing. If this is glowing, it’s O.K. This is to insure that user-defied java scriptcode will run on it.
Step 3. Now use java script code for various purpose, all script will work fine.Click here to install View Locked Scrapbook Script. After enabling it, openorkut.com in firefox browser. Now you can view locked scrapbook of anyprofile.
Step 4. To view any locked album click here and install script. This required script to view photo of locked album of orkut may change frequently. so use latest script from http://userscripts.org.
Both the script is available at http://userscripts.org . you can do various other works from different scripts like you can scrap all your friends by single click (HTML included). You can make same new topic in all of your community by a single click or you can send friend invitation to all members of a community etc. Just check here
Above methods is also misused to hack orkut, and it is misused for spamming everywhere. Orkut team should work hard to fight from this scripts.


Anonymous said...

dude it didnt worked for me !!! pls help!!
i instaled monkey n also i hv firefox bt still??


Hey Some Times It Happens That This Method Does'nt works On All The Profiles As I Have Tried On 6 Of The Profiles I got On 4 It Was Working & On The Rest Of The 2 It Was Not Working. Well I suggest You To Try This On Another Profile & Will Do Work On It To Find Out The 100% Working Way With All The Profiles...

Anonymous said...

Thx dude !!!
keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

dude evry tym i hve 2 unlock any album i have to follow the above steps or wot??

jai said...


bhavna said...

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hauzaifa said...

I want to know how to run the script plz tell me

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