Move Taskbar to new Spot - Cool Computer Trick

By default, Microsoft's Windows taskbar, which shows buttons for each of your open windows, present at the bottom of your screen. If you do multitasking and open many windows, more than six or seven windows at a time, then taskbar become extremely crowded. To make more space for windows, move your taskbar to the right or left side of the screen, where it will be displayed vertically. Its very convirnt as well as it will give new look to your computer
Follow these Steps to move your taskbar:
1). Right click on taskbar and if your taskbar is locked (check mark on lock the taskbar), then click on lock the taskbar to unlock it.
2). Move the taskbar by just dragging it on screen, You can move anywhere left, right, top and bottom by just dragging it.
3). You can also change the width of taskbar by clicking on edge of taskbar.
4). Now right click on taskbar and click lock the taskbar.
Its done.


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