Trick to View Myspace Private Profiles & Private Pictures

There are several tools and tricks available to view someone’s private profile or private pictures on MySpace, but here is one smartest and easier way to do this. I am listing two websites that you can use to peek into someone’s  MySpace profile or photos and this trick eliminates installation of any software on your and are the two sites that we are going to discuss about.

1.) View MySpace private profile and pictures but it requires you to fill up survey first and then sign in to your MySpace account.

2.) : Using this website, you can get easy access to MySpace pics and top friends. This website does not need you to log in to see private photos and profiles but you need to enter your MySpace ID.

P.S : Treat the above information for informational and educations purpose only. We don’t encourage our readers to invade other user’s privacy. We can’t be held responsible for any issue arises by using above information.


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