All the guys out there must be waiting for this tutorial for so long

this is the easiest method for hacking an orkut ID

For Orkut hacking you must require :-
1.A Fake Orkut Sign in Page

Method :-
First of all make a fake page of Orkut.com
and configure ur own form mailer in it
(u will cought if there is any pop up or ads)
after that test ur page by urself
After u have completed this open ur account in orkut and scrap any of ur friend u wanna hack

like this

To view 'UnDefeatAble(or any other name u wanna choose)', click on the link below:
[Ur Name] .. !! has invited you to join 'UnDefeatAble'.
To view 'UnDefeatAble', click on the link below:
[link=http://www.your fake page.com]http://www.orkut.com/Community.aspx?cmm=3468327[[/link]
To see [ur name] profile click:

Warning: For educational puposes only...


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