How to hack myspace private profile/account passwords

The article below explains the most popular ways used to hack myspace account passwords. I came across many myspace password hacking ways- some working …some not. So, i thought of collecting all these working myspace methods/ways of hacking myspace account password in this myspace article.
I will cover 4 methods over here:
1. Myspace Phishing.
2. Keylogging
3. Social engineering
4. Hacker virus at myspace.
So, lets start…

Hack Myspace Account password

1. Myspace Phishing:

I have taken this myspace hacking method first because i think this is the most popular method/way to hack myspace private account. I studied various surveys taken on web about hacking myspace. The results of these surveys show “Phishing” as the most used method to hack myspace and to note…”Phishing is favorite method of hackers”. So, friends.. beware of Phishing. Myspace staff is working hard to avoid these phishers. Phishing not only allows you to hack myspace but also almost any email account. You have to only get the trick used to make a phisher, which i think is very easy. I learnt it without any difficulty. But, remember, this is only for educational purpose. I will not extend this topic over here as i have added more on Phishing in my article Hack Myspace account password by Myspace Phisher


This is my second favorite, as only thing you have to do is remotely install a keylogger (if you don't have any physical access to victim computer). Keylogging becomes more easy if you have physical access to victim computer as only thing you have to do is install a keylogger and direct it to your destination so that it will send all recorded myspace account passwords to pointed destination. What a keylogger does is it records the keystrokes into a log file and then you can use this log to get required myspace password and thus can hack myspace account. You can use Ardamax keylogger or Winspy Keylogger to hack myspace account password.

3. Social engineering:

This sounds to be pretty not working at beginning. Even i was neglecting this way. But, once, i thought of using it against my friend on orkut and i got his gmail password very easily by this method. I think many of you might be knowing how what this social engg is. For newbies, social engg is method of retrieving password or answer of security question simply by quering with the victim. You have to be very careful while using this as victim must not be aware of your intention. Just ask him cautiously using your logic.

4. Hacker virus:

I was not knowing about this method used by myspace hackers at myspace until i read this article. I wasn't knowing that myspace viruses are being circulated over myspace and was considering myspace as safe. But to my surprise, i was wrong. So, friends, be cautious while surfing myspace.

So far, i found these myspace hacking methods as best and working ways to hack myspace account passwords. I never encourage hacking myspace or any email account…just wanna make you cognizant about myspace dangers online. I will appreciate your effort if you mention any other method you found great….

Enjoy HaCkInG…..


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