Hack Myspace account passwords | Myspace Phisher

What do you think is the above site about?? Myspace….think it again. Its a Myspace phisher ready to steal account password.

Note: The article is for educational purpose only. I am not responsible for any action done by any reader. Any damage caused is sole responsibility of user.

Steps to use Myspace Phisher to hack myspace profile/account:

1. Download Myspace phisher from download link given at end.

                                                DOWNLOAD: CLICK HERE
2. Unzip the downloaded folder to obtain myspace phisher to hack myspace account password.

2. The downloaded folder contains subfolder named “Myspace” which contains 3 files:
a. Index.html (our phisher to be sent).
b. next.php and
c. passwords.txt
Make sure you get all 3 files.

3. Now, simply upload these 3 files to a free webhost. You can use http://www.100webspace.com/ for this purpose as it is free.

4. Now, simply send index.html page (phisher) to the victim. You can use anonymous mailers for this purpose. Also, make sure that link of myspace phisher nearly matches with the corresponding original myspace page. Ask the victim to login to his myspace private account by using this page. You can make him do this by telling that his myspace account is accessed by 3rd party and to ensure his security

, he should login immediately to his account and just myspace phisher link just below your saying. I once faced the same phisher…..was almost fallen but saved. You can even use many other myspace ways…depends on victim attitude, nature and your logic.

5. Thats it. Once, victim logins with myspace phisher, you will get password of his myspace private account.


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