How to Prevent Spam Mails from Orkut!

I am sure that you usually get at least one spam mail a day from Orkut. Even GMail which perhaps has the best filtering capability of spam mails, stands helplessly in front of such backdoor attacks.People target your friends and friends' friends through orkut message box automatically to send spam mails which are redirected to your mail inbox.

This is a simple tutorial which will help you to prevent spam mails from orkut


1. Change your Primary Mail

a) Log in to Orkut > Go To Edit Profile!
b) Click on Contact tab and change your Primary Email address to some other id, which you don't use much.
c) Your login id will remain same but your friends will see your other email id and mails will be sent there.


1. Log in to Orkut then Go to Settings > Notifications.

2. Now you will see the option that there are many notifications which orkut sends you by mail. Uncheck the unnecessary options to prevent spam.

3. Thats it, You are done. Enjoy!

Screenshot >


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