Trace Location Of A Phone From Any BSNL Mobile Number

Do You Wanna know the Address of the girl you like?, or address of your friend?. It is so easy to trace the addresses, just you need is their phone number.EXAMPLE: For tracing the address of a number located in Madhya Pradesh (India) just log in to

After logging in, select the area (city) to which the phone number belong and then proceed further.In the option "Search by" , select Telephone number. select the station to which the phone no. belongs and finally write the phone number in the "Search key field" . In this way the address of that particular number will be traced.
For selecting any other state of India, log on to . In the Right hand side you see the "BSNL units" option (above Username field), select your state from the menu and then proceed further.
NOTE : Try both, number including (2) as well as number excluding (2) as a prefix.


Anonymous said...

can we trace any mobile phone

khariel☎ said...

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Marlene Saffan said...

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