Hide Files In Smart Phones

Install X-plore if you don’t have it already on your phone.
2. Run X-Plore and go to the file’s location (Like Image files in “E:\Images”), you want to hide. Now select the file and go to “Menu\File\Attributes”. Now change its “Attributes” to “Hidden” and you are done. Another way to hide the file is by placing it in a hidden folder (like in “System” folder). For this “Cut” the file from its existing location and “Paste” it inside the “System” folder. Is not that simple?

Now the above file will not show up in Gallery and if you want to see it then you will have to go to X-Plore.
NOTE: I have successfully used this method in Symbian Series60 2nd Edition phones (Nokia N70). Also the Smartmovie avi videos, although will be hidden from Gallery but will continue to show up and play in Smartmovie player. Read HERE to disable them from playing.


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