Excel Hotkeys - keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut

Result in Excel 2000 - General

F1 KeyHelp
F2 KeyEdit current Cell
F5 KeyGoto
F7 KeySpell Check
F12 KeySave file as
CTRL and ASelect entire worksheet.
CTRL and BToggle Bold Text.
CTRL and CCopies the item or items selected to the Clipboard and can be pasted using CTRL and V.
CTRL and FDisplays the Find dialog box.
CTRL and HDisplays the Replace dialog box.
CTRL and IToggles Italic Text.
CTRL and NNew File.
CTRL and OOpen File.
CTRL and PPrint.
CTRL and SSave File.
CTRL and UToggles Underlined Text.
CTRL and VPaste the contents of the clipboard.
CTRL and XCut the selected item.
CTRL and YRedo the last undone action
CTRL and ZUndoes the last action.
CTRL and 1Displays Format Cells Dialogue Box
CTRL and 5Toggles Strikethrough Text

Keyboard Shortcut

Result in Excel 2000 - Formulas

ALT and =Autosum
ALT and F8Macros
CTRL and ;Insert Current Date
CTRL and :Insert Current Time

Keyboard Shortcut

Result in Excel 2000 - Movement

Left ArrowOne Cell Left (also SHIFT and TAB)
Right ArrowOne Cell Right (also TAB)
Up ArrowOne Cell Up
Down ArrowOne Cell Down
HomeGo to End of row
CTRL and left ArrowGo to End of Column
CTRL and HomeGo to Top of Worksheet (A1)
CTRL and EndGo to End of Worksheet
CTRL and PAGE-DOWNGo to Next Worksheet

Keyboard Shortcut

Result in Excel 2000 - Cell Selection

CTRL and SpacebarSelect the entire Column
SHIFT and SpacebarSelect the entire Row
CTRL and ASelect Entire Worksheet
SHIFT and Left CursorSelect all cells to the left of the active one
SHIFT and Right CursorSelect all cells to the right of the active one


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