MSN Hacking : Hacking MSN account by MSN Freezer

I came across this cool working MSN Freezer which is very handy msn tool for hacking msn account. If you want trick for hacking msn account password
Hacking MSN account | MSN Freezer:

MSN Freezer is used for hacking msn account as it freezes MSN account by trying out random password combination. Due to this victim
 is unable to login to his account and thus hacking MSN account accomplished.

Download MSN Freezer for hacking msn account.

2. Unzip the file using Winzip to obtain MSN Freezer.

3. Double click on “Freezer” file and you will get the MSN Freezer application running on your computer.
4. Simply enter the email address you wanna freeze and hit “Lock”. Now, MSN Freezer will start working and will show you progress bar with status “Locking”. Wait until status changes to “Locked”.

5. Now, when victim will try to login to his MSN account even with right password, he will not be able to login to his MSN account and he will get this message from MSN:

6. Thus, MSN Freezer has helped us in hacking MSN account. Keep this MSN Freezer program running to ensure continuous freezing.

Note 1: Sometimes, due to constant wrong login attempts, MSN is likely to ban your IP address temporarily and hence MSN Freezer will no longer work, once banned. Hence, MSN Freezing is temporary. But, you can use Proxy Switcher or SocksChain software to enable constant MSN Freezing.

Note 2: This msn hacking software is found somtimes not working on certain computers. So, it cannot be said for sure that this will work on your computer. This is a major software bug. Just check out whether this is working on your computer and give your feedback in comments.


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