Making your unique MSN A/c


because many people  keep asking how to make msns or similar, i'm going to make a good tutorial with pictures for them.

1) Go to this link;

2) Now choose "Yes, use my e-mail address" and press "Continue" or hit Enter.

3) Now fill the instructions.

In E-mail adress write your unique email, it can be anything for example; , , etc.
Write your password, secret question and answer, and write the right characters in the pictures. It's gonna look like this;

After you're done, press Continue.

4) Fill out your personal informations and locations, i've selected United States, you should select your state and ZIP Code, but for some countries it doesn't ask for state and zipcode.

After you're done you should press Continue.

5) Re-write your msn adress.

After you're done press "I Accept".

6) Press Continue.

That's it you're done.

7) Now you can enter your msn.

8) This is kinda weird... you can't have an inbox..

I don't know how to fix this problem, if you have any idea post it below, I think there is no way.

However, that's everything you should do.
Hope you guys liked my tutorial, feel free to comment!
All credits go to me...


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