How to download video from Mega-video and Youtube

Mega video and Youtube are the one of the most popular video sharing website on the web.Many user find difficult to download video files.Here is a simple method by which you can download video files without use of any software. In Mozilla firefox and internet explorer all the video and other files are saved in temporary internet files.You have to take that video file out. How to do that..


1.Open internet explorer and view the video to be download.

2.Now go tools->internet options

3.On general tab click on setting ,then click on view files

4.There you will see lot of files.Now right click and click on arrange icon by size.Your video file will be of larger size so it will come to bottom.

5.Now select your video file and copy it to anywhere and rename it to anyname.flv format

That all

enjoy downloading.....


maddy said...

how to do this in firefox.......?

Harree said...

Not working in Youtube

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