How to care, preserve Laptop screen?

LCD technology allows laptop design fragile, small, low consumption power, image sharp … Using laptop screen right principles will help prolong life and avoid unfairly lose money due to problems. Hard Sunlight, wet and dust are those who cause trouble is very dangerous for the LCD screen. Due to the special formed from liquid crystalline to the screen is quite sensitive to heat from sunlight, to high pressure air, the wet and dust. When the weather factors impact, screens will reduces the life of a fast and severe degradation; light source behind (backlight or background light) are aging, screen at 4 corners will and fell color. Therefore, it should be preserved in conditions in cool, clean and most facilitate machine exothermal good. Recommended by the manufacturer, should put in the ri plane, between the screen of the computer around the standard level is 10 cm.Laptop screen bám vulnerable to dust – causes make color images are usually fuzzy. Use absorbent cotton some purified water or hairy to smooth cleaning screen gently. Do not use any detergent is: wash the glass, alcohol alcohol … Before hygiene, attention turned off the power and the absolute ability to prevent any flow of water to make the screen and body line. 

If not May, monitors water is wet, it should be quick to bring computer repair center nearest laptop. No hand print on the screen——————————————————————————– Many people often hand or machine use mi?t fingers or hands to touch surfaces of the screen during the open or in toilets. At hand you just press, will show up wrestling and long after all traces of lost. Although not harm the screen immediately, but if so often happens as the later, you’ll see color images of the color with the stain color die very wishy-washy types uncomfortable. In any case also need to avoid finger or pets to touch the screen. The face of the screen should light hand to screen d?p not be a too sudden and too strong on the keyboard. Food color ——————————————————————————– Unlike CRT monitors, LCD requires time work are limited. Light source screen life are certain, the standard is 50,000 hours of the morning. If you always turn bright screen and to a program operation of the screen is very vulnerable to fire pictures, also called the food color. Means any position frame is displayed the longest red can make the colors died. Therefore, not to screen in the status display image continuity which must be the change. As, the installation screen in the screensaver. Gap machine down and always turn off when not in use in the long run. Both save time using just ensures screen pictures without the fire. The Ghost ——————————————————————————– This phenomenon appears quite a lot on the laptop screen and LCD in general, especially when viewed in the animation due to the continuous conversion: action movies, game … reason is due to cycle on the color display screen did not catch the transition between points with different colors. There are time when that pixel color transfer, color old time not lose the new color appear by order of the card display. Therefore, the old color to accept the new color born in the shade behind the pictures are displayed. Overcome this phenomenon must be thoroughly from top to now, ie right from the time you should buy in to the parameters of time to meet any of the screen under 20 ms is satisfied. Response time is usually calculated by the MS, sometimes written as tr. This value is small as the Ghost as little appeared. Dead point ——————————————————————————– When choosing to buy laptop or LCD display, in addition to attention to the brand name manufacturer, quality in design, configuration operations, the customer should pay attention to the points dead on the screen. Points death is the only one certain color (or black or white) and can not display other colors. In fact, for this extremely small and difficult to see any LCD screen which also has the death this. If points beyond 4 dead is the best you should choose another machine. Manually is quite simple: to boot to select the desktop wallpaper to see the black points and am dead against the white background chosen for death of black points. Each test points if found dead under 4, you can still choose to buy, but if beyond 4 should change machine. Avoid the following screen will this spotted the lost color (color of death). Screen experiencing ——————————————————————————– The first sign is the stop light, can not see though boot machine. Generally, if the CRT screen, you can easily remove the PC card to check the screen or communication between the card surface with the screen display screen. With individual laptop should not have any action to fix any. How effective is quick to the center of the warranty through the manufacturer intervention. Screen is very expensive (accounting for 1 / 3 the value of the machine), if you break your hands in the stations have no guarantees can not study. Then, you must spend money to replace it or may not find the type of nominally equivalent xó or right now in the new store if your job requires can not be missing out though it only 1 day.


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