Cheat and Increase Torrent Ratio using RatioCheat

Since BitTorrent sites are going through a very bad period (copyright infringements) and huge site like MiniNova got all it’s content deleted after a filed suite, many people are moving towards private trackers. While public trackers work on P2Pprinciple and does not force users to either sign up with them to download torrents or to seed after downloading, private trackers may apply a strict 1:1 share ratio. This 1:1 share ratio has been made mandatory by most private trackers to maintain a balanced P2P network.

I like this ratio rule implementation, but not all users can maintain a balanced ratio. Users come from different parts of the world and at most places they face slow uploadspeed, limited bandwidth, time problems etc, making them unable to maintain the ratio, even if they want. But, private tracker admins are taking this new rule seriously and banning users for not maintaining a decent ratio.
However, there are a handful of ratio cheating tools available to cheat torrent ratio.RatioMasterGreedyTorrent and RatioCheat are few of the best torrent ratio cheating tools, and RatioCheat is the best one. While Greedy Torrent needs to be launched during torrent download, RatioCheat can be accessed online and you can configure the tracker to cheat your actual ratio.
How to Cheat Torrent Ratio using RatioCheat

  1. Download a torrent file >> upload it to RatioCheat
  2. RatioCheat will read torrent file informations such as tracker name, number of files, total file size, torrent hash etc
  3. After collection the informations, it will send false information to the tracker to update
  4. Tracker gets updated with the modified download : upload ratio
  5. You are done.
Download RatioCheat
Lets say you are downloading a file sized about 1.88 GB and uploaded the same torrent file to RatioCheat. Now RatioCheat will ask the tracker to update your upload data as 1.88 GB, which means it will cheat your ratio to meet 1:1 requirement.
Cheat torrent ratio
Remember not to start cheating with a high value as your account might get flagged and the admin will examine it personally. Better cheat slowly everyday till you meet the ratio, as it takes just few seconds to get everything done.


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