STEP 11 - Attacking Websites(Ddos Attack)

I know you all were in illusions that Website hacking and Attacking is very Difficult and only some hackers and professionals can Do It... Now that's absolutely wrong thinking... Its as Easy as abcdefg... 

In This Step I will Explain Stepwise How to Attack Websites , Turn Down Websites Temporarily and my cause serious damage to them... Also Editing Websites We will Continue in Next phase...:P


First of all We all should know What are the Different Methods Of attacking Websites...
There are Generally Three Methods of Attacking an Website...
1. Ddos Attack
2. Shell Scripts Attack
3. Javascript Attack or Attack through Scripting.

Note: SQL and other techniques comes in the Hacking Websites Part Not in attacking Part. Attacking is simply for fun or intentionally causing damage to the Website.. 

1. Ddos Attack

What is a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack?
Have you ever tried to make a telephone call but couldn't because all the telephone circuits were busy? This may happen on a major holiday and often happens on Diwali,New year etcc...
The reason you couldn't get through is because the telephone system is designed to handle a limited number of calls at a time. 
So upto now you will Got an Idea What is Ddos(Distibuted Denial of Service) Attack.
Basically Ddos attack is an attack which makes the Network So congested such that no further Requests are delivered.
This is Done by making a number of connections to the Websites through Different Computer or Networks. Also can be done from One Computer by making Connections through Different Ports as there are 64k ports available in Windows OS... :P

How Attacker Launch a Ddos Attack??

Later i will explain it With using simple Software: Server Attack Pro. This is for Knowledge Only.

First, Attackers build a network of computers that will be used to produce the volume of traffic needed to deny services to computer users. We'll call this an attack network.
To build this attack network, Attackers look for computers that are poorly secured, such as those that have not been properly patched, or those with out-of-date or non-existent anti-virus software. When the Attackers find such computers, they install new programs on the computers that they can remotely control to carry out the attack.

These days, however, the process of building an attack network has been automated through self-propagating programs. These programs automatically find vulnerable computers, attack them, and then install the necessary programs. The process begins again as those newly compromised computers look for still other vulnerable computers. 

Once an attack network is built, the intruder is ready to attack the chosen victim or victims. Some information security experts believe that many attack networks currently exist and are dormant, passively waiting for the command to launch an attack against a victim's computers. Others believe that once a victim has been identified, the attack network is built and the attack launched soon afterward.

 DdoS Attack Through Tools: Server Attack Pro
THis tool is for Demonstration plz don't misuse...!!
I am not Responsible for it

Please Don't Misuse It....


1. Extract the Rar File to Obtain the server attack file..

2. Launch The Program as Shown Below..

3. Now Suppose You want to attack (Educational Purpose Only). Type the website name In Server Address. And click on Start...

4. Now When Attack Is Complete ... There is something Like This...

5. Now The Server Is Down and It Will Remain Down Till the Software Runs On your System...Please Don't Misuse It....
6.Now You can Check Site cannot be Opened . Not Only my system but from any system. ... LOL..:P

1. Cant be Used against Big Servers like facebook,orkut,gmail,google etc...
2. Small Scale Sites and colleges sites and Bux Sites Easily Targeted....
3. For Some Site You may Need the Software to Run from 2 to 3 computers or more...

Don't Worry Friends (WebMaster's ) My Next Post Will Be How TO Prevent The Ddos Attacks... And Make your Site Never Suffer From These Attacks...So Keep Reading..


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