If you use computer for more than 2-3 hours per day, for any purpose work, fun, internet, games or anything. It may strain your eyes.

Long and continous working on computer makes eyes tired, which may lead to some serious eyes problems like blurred vision, back and head aches, dry and burning eyes, forehead heaviness, light sensitivity, delayed focusing, sore eyes or distorted color vision. To prevent this we should give small brakes to our eyes during long working hour. this can be done by using a small application named Eye Relax.

Eyes Relax is a small application that can do just that, reminding you at a specified interval to relax your eyes. It alert the user after every 13 minutes( by default its 13 minutes but you can change it according to your preferences) that is time to take a 60 seconds brake.

It provides four options for display during brakes 
display the default break dialog, blank screen, show an image or a slideshow of pictures from a chosen directory.You can choose one of them which is best suitable for you. It also provides an option to choose audio for brakes.

It has notification feature, displays user the time left for next brake. It also has a parent mode which allows user to password protect his settings so that no one can change is settings.

Eye Relax is freely available on Internet, so download it now and prevent eye strain and give your eyes some small brakes.
 It will surely contribute to your health.

Click here to download.


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