Ngwave Audio Editor V4.4.20090404

NGWave Audio Editor offers a fast, stable, and powerful audio editing solution, for far less than you might expect to pay. Many features offered in NGWave cannot be found in any other audio editor, even those costing ten times the price. We challenge you to find another editor in this price range that even comes close to NGWave in features and stability. With its high-speed editing capabilities and intuitive interface, NGWave is very powerful and easy to use. ew version is fully Vista-compatible and offers additional stability over older versions. A few bugs have been fixed since the 4.0 release, so if you have had any issues with 4.0.

- Support for WAV and MP3 files
- Full 24-Bit/192 kHz support
- Support for extremely large files
- Full MIDI Hardware Control
- Pleasant and intuitive interface
- Full Crash Recovery and Session Saving
- Realtime Preview on all processing functions
- Many exclusive recording features, such as:
• Integrated Metronome
• Built-In Audio Mixer
• Exclusive: Integrated Frequency Tuner
• Automatically correct DC Offset
• Realistic Analog VU metering
• Accurate LED VU and Time Display
- Many Advanced Program Options
- Saved Presets on All Processing Functions
- Much, much more


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